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10 Eastgate, Aberystwyth, SY23 2AR
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 As I love cleaning, I also love finding home hacks on cleaning, organising and general DIY. I have found that social media and TikTok has been very influential on how I clean now, as well as programs like 'Sort Your Life Out' and 'Get Organized with The Home Edit'.

With working in a property management agency, there are so many tips and tricks that I have given out to tenants throughout their renting journey that has helped them with keeping on top of maintaining their home. Writing down all my ideas and hacks down to share with everyone is one of the main reasons I wanted to write this blog.

Here's a few a few cleaning hacks that have come in handy with me and others I have shared with: 

  1. Getting rid of mould on the bathroom/kitchen silicone seal: This is a TOP tip in my books - I had mentioned this to a landlord in the past and he had sent me to his houses to clean up! All you need is cotton balls and thick bleach; pour some bleach in a bowl, dip the cotton balls in the bleach, then place them all along the seal. Leave the cotton balls there over night, and when you wipe them away in the morning, the seal will be clear of mould and looking white as ever!
  2. Eliminating toilet odours: Living with boys can be quite messy around the toilet bowl... to get rid of the odour, leave some shaving foam on the floor around the bottom of the toilet bowl. After only 10 minutes, wipe away and any odours and stickiness will have disappeared. Since living with boys, I have found this to be super helpful cleaning hack.
  3. Quickly deep cleaning oven: The best way of cleaning your oven is to get hot water, then dip a dishwasher tablet in it. Using the dishwasher tablet as the scrub, this will break down all the grime and dirt that builds up.
  4. Cleaning up red wine off furnishings and carpet: When renting, it can be quite scary when having any friends over for a couple drinks - especially red wine! To clear up any red wine spillage, get some white wine out and pour over the red - make sure you DAB the mess, and do not scrub or wipe otherwise it will smudge in.
  5. Keeping your bins smelling fresh: This hack is super quick and easy, it will take 30 minutes out of your day! All you need is sticky foam pads and Zoflora (or any concentrated disinfectant, but Zoflora is a personal favourite). Drizzle some Zoflora on the foam side of then pad, then with the sticky side, stick it on the inside of your bins.
  6. Getting rid of remnants of glue or stickers: Grab your mayo and lather on any stickers that are difficult to scratch off or glue remaining from sticky pads. Leave the mayo over the sticky part for a couple hours then when you come back to it, it should wipe away easily!

I feel like home hacks are really helpful for people who are renting as it helps with keeping on top of maintaining a home which can be stressful when it is also someone else valued property.

If you have any more home hacks or cleaning tips, please let me know!

Thanks again for reading!!! I plan to write about the current rental market in Aberystwyth next week - subscribe now.