10 Eastgate, Aberystwyth, SY23 2AR
10 Eastgate, Aberystwyth, SY23 2AR
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When moving to a new area, one of the most exciting things is finding new places to eat. Even the moving part of it can be so stressful and tiring that you just want to eat out to make life easier! Not only do these places supply delicious food, but they also supply a sense of community in the new surroundings – a great way to get to know the area you have moved to. 

Even choosing where you want to live can be dependent on the local dining scene. Imagine being able to walk to your favourite local restaurant or pub for some locally sourced grub! 

So if you’ve moved to Aber recently, or thinking of moving soon, then don’t stop reading here! 

First up, we have “Baravin”, a charming restaurant found on the seafront of Aberystwyth. The menu has a wide variety of dishes ranging from fish dishes to pasta and pizza – this is a family favourite as it can cater for all! The staff are incredible – so lovely, attentive and an enjoy to bed around. 

Next on the list is “Little Italy”, a must visit spots for all the Italian cuisine lovers! I am a pasta lover, so this is always the place for me. It is authentically Italian with its food and venue, making it seem like you have stepped into a little Italy. I would highly recommend to everyone!  

If you are looking for somewhere more casual and cosier, “The Glengower” is the perfect spot for you. This is a truly Welsh pub serving hearty food throughout the day. Offering outdoor seating on the seafront during the summer sun, as well as log burners inside to warm up in the icy weather. This pub is a great choice over the winter on a Sunday with the fire crackling whilst you pig out on a roast dinner. 

Last but not least, we have “Medina”, a delightful lunch spot, it serves fresh food cooked perfect and uniquely. It has a lunch menu with so many options; pick your main, and any 2 sides to go with it. This customed menu makes this restaurant an easy choice for all to pick from – I actually find myself indecisive on the number of options they have! They also have a bakery and small food market in their main restaurant area which anyone is welcome to pop by when they like. This is not one to miss.

So there you have it! Whether you would like to take a break from the hassle of moving or want to get to know your local businesses and community – these are the places to go.  

Bon Appétit!